Well-Being Starts Within

The Recipe to inspire your inner journey towards safety, presence, balance and well-being.

In Well-Being Starts Within we share our favourite somatic and cognitive practices designed to help you nurture well-being and presence, boost creativity and aliveness, and create more inner safety and balance in your life. We invite you to join us in a journey to expand your horizons, find new ways of looking at and understanding how you respond to challenges, and develop the skills necessary to improve your mental health and increase your sense of well-being.

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  • 263 pages
  • Guided self-reflection pages
  • Cut-out pages with resources and tools
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  • English (también disponible en español)

Celeste Carrillo

By Celeste Carrillo,
Ph.D. Somatic and Spiritual Psychology

We are so thrilled about this book because in it we get to share ideas, intentions, tools and practices can really make a difference in the ongoing journey that is human life. These practices will help you explore yourself – mind, body and heart – in a curious, non-judgmental way, learn to identify what is occurring in your inner world, and perhaps most importantly, cultivate a long-lasting sense of safety, balance and well-being.

The purpose of Well-Being Starts Within is not to change who you are or adjust the way you think. Quite the opposite, in fact. It is intended as an exploration into finding your own truth and making safe connections to the present. It invites you to expand your horizons and find fresh ways of looking and understanding how you respond to challenges, and the effect these reactive, unconscious or automatic ways of responding can have on your mental health.

These practices – inspired by a comprehensive research around both cognitive and somatic approaches – can provide strength in challenging times, broadening the capacity to stay present during tough experiences, whilst simultaneously fostering a sense of increased presence and awareness. Little by little helping you become more comfortable with who you truly are – what you feel, sense, think, experience and need.

We are confident that the process and resources presented in the book can help you cultivate true well-being, ever-increasing inner balance, safety, compassion, curiosity and happiness. That is your birthright. We hope you dare tap into its potential.

If you need to delve deeper into specific topics or if you need help crating a well-being recipe tailored to your needs, personal sessions with Celeste are available.

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