Cookie Policy

On this website, we collect and use information as stated in our privacy policy. One of the ways we collect information is through the use of technology called “cookies.” At Desajuste Creativo, we use cookies for several reasons.

But… What are cookies?

The technology behind the web is wonderful, but it has been around for a few years, and years sometimes bring short-term memory problems. To provide you with a better experience, the website needs your help to remember that you have visited a site and how you have interacted with it.

Cookies are bits of information that we store in your browser (like messages in fortune cookies). When you visit us again, your browser sends us that information to help us remember you and provide you with a better experience.

For example, those annoying messages about “accepting or rejecting cookies”: If you have already accepted (or rejected), we don’t want to ask you the same question over and over again, but with our poor memory, we have no way of remembering it. So when you accept (or reject), we will store your response in a cookie in your browser, so the next time you visit us, you remind us that you have already answered.

Hey! Wait a minute! ☝️ - If you carefully read the previous paragraph, you may have discovered a paradox 🤔… but if I reject cookies, where will my response be stored? 🤯

Well, there are certain cookies that are essential for the functioning of our site and your interaction with it. These cookies are always enabled, and we promise that any personal information that may be in these cookies is treated with the utmost care and is not shared with any third party without first requesting your explicit consent.

The cookies that we give you the option to accept or reject are managed by third parties who provide us with information that helps us improve the site. The information we obtain from these services does not include any personal data that can be used to identify you. And we do not share the aggregated results provided by these third parties with anyone.

First-party cookies:

Sign-in: Sign-in cookies allow you to enter and exit your Desajuste Creativo account.

Personalization: Cookies help us remember which material you have interacted with so that we can show you related content.

Preferences: Cookies allow us to remember your settings and preferences, such as your privacy configuration.

Security: We use cookies to protect you from security risks. Mainly to detect when someone is trying to impersonate your Desajuste Creativo account.

Third-party cookies:

This website uses analytics services, specifically Google Analytics, to help the website analyze how users use the website and improve its usability. However, in no case are these associated with data that could identify the user. Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. You can check here the type of cookies used by Google.

More information about cookies:

You can consult the regulations on cookies published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency in its “Guide on the use of cookies” and obtain more information about cookies on the Internet at

If you want to have greater control over the installation of cookies, you can install programs or add-ons to your browser, known as “Do Not Track” tools, which will allow you to choose which cookies you want to allow.

This cookie policy was last updated on 17-04-2023.