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Well-being Starts Within

In this book we share our favourite somatic and cognitive practices designed to help you nurture well-being and presence, boost creativity and aliveness, and create more inner safety and balance in your life.

photo of the books Well-being Starts Within in English and Spanish


  • These resources aid me in taking a break from my daily routine, encouraging me to tap into my feelings and my body. They create in me the possibility of observing with compassion the entirety of who I am, paying attention to what is unfolding in this immense gift of life.Laura
  • They have changed my life… These tools allowed me to understand WHAT my body was feeling at that moment, and then HOW TO REGULATE the emotion or sensation towards a more balanced state. I know that if I need a gratifying moment of pause and internal connection, I have them there.Carol
  • I feel that I have lived and am living in a restless manner due to my responsibilities, chasing after schedules, and lacking time for myself. With these tools I am learning to become aware, gradually learning to listen to what my body is telling me, and to be more attuned to my feelings.Mirta
  • The programs are a significant support in my daily life, especially in moments when anxiety or stress arises. Practicing them frequently has granted me substantial self-awareness, an anchor to the present. Without these skills, my flares of anxiety used to last for days or even weeks.David
  • I couldn't sleep… I would sleep for ten minutes and wake up caught up in thoughts. My mind was driving me crazy, and then I wouldn't function during the day. Through the explorations, I experienced a change of pace, it has helped me to rest at night by using breath as support.Nelly

Our invitation

In Desajuste Creativo, we offer different ideas for you to explore yourself, to rediscover who you are and find your own ways of doing things. We share different tools to help you identify your needs and how you want to fulfill them, and to bring forth your bright, tidy, and organized parts, as well as your dark, chaotic, and creative parts...