The journey we invite you to embark on

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What is Desajuste Creativo?

Desajuste Creativo (Creative Maladjustment) is an invitation for you to be yourself… and stop asking for permission to do so.

In Desajuste Creativo, we offer different ideas for you to explore yourself, to rediscover who you are and find your own ways of doing things. We share different tools to help you identify your needs and how you want to fulfill them, and to bring forth your bright, tidy, and organized parts, as well as your dark, chaotic, and creative parts…

Desajuste Creativo invites and encourages you to let go of all those structures, beliefs, external demands, and ways of thinking and doing that no longer serve you so that instead of repeating like a parrot the truths –and lies– that other people have told you –society, your family, your third-grade teacher– you can explore and find your own truth.

It is an invitation for you to step out of those automatic, well-known, and worn-out places to rediscover what truly moves you, what makes you feel alive, what brings you pleasure, and what gives meaning to your life.

What do we offer?

In Desajuste Creativo, we won’t give you a formula or have the magical solution to all of your problems, instead we offer tools, meditations, interviews, and topics that inspire us to help you find your own path, to help you gain a deeper understanding of what happens in your inner world, and to develop the skills that help you overcome the challenges and obstacles you encounter on your path.

We won’t tell you what to do, but we’ll share ideas with you so that you can explore them, see what works in your life, and decide what to keep.

What motivates us?

If you’re wondering what motivates us, the answer is simple: just as different people have crossed our paths and helped us when we needed it, in Desajuste Creativo we want to help you. Help you discover, navigate, and enjoy your own journey. We don’t ask you to follow us or imitate someone else. We want to help you reconnect with yourself.

This journey of discovery of your own path doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers –or questions– figured out in advance, neither that you have to travel alone. We want to be there for you.

What can we promise? Well, nothing really… We don’t make promises. We don’t want to sell you some magic beans. And we don’t want to convince you of anything.

We simply offer you tools, meditations, and practices to bring more vitality, creativity, energy, and well-being into your life.

From our personal experience, we know that walking your own path can be tough and sometimes lonely, and the journey becomes more enjoyable when we have allies who help us overcome the challenges that arise. That’s why we want to be there for you and lend you a hand, a word of encouragement, and the occasional magic potion to support you in moments of weakness, to guide you through confusion, and to help you face your own dragons when they cross your path.

What’s our approach?

In Desajuste Creativo we value your own personal experience of what happens in each moment. Your own truth that takes shape when you start listening to all the aspects that make you who you are, including your physical sensations and everything that occurs in your body, your emotional and affective world, what moves in your thoughts, ideas, and cognitive processes, your intuition and creativity, your energy and subtle aspects, and your connection with everything else around you.

We believe that we are part of a mysterious whole… that we are part of a tapestry that gives meaning to our existence, and within each person, there is a calling to rediscover oneself, to free oneself, to express oneself, and to find fulfillment.

We maintain that opposites can coexist in perfect – and dynamic – harmony. Our luminous side delights in playing with our darkness. Our shortcomings co-create with our excesses. And what displeases us playfully challenges what brings us pleasure. We don’t believe in editing or improving who we are, but in reclaiming, integrating, and celebrating each aspects, each part of our being, each little piece that brings us closer to our wholeness.

We aspire to one day feel like complete individuals, not perfect ones.

This is the journey we invite you explore with every resource we share. A journey that we are also exploring and that we hope you’ll enjoy…

The Journey to Yourself

This journey we invite you to embark on is quite unique and mysterious, and no one can predict what your path will be like. At Desajuste Creativo we encourage you to embark on this extraordinary journey because the destination is awesome. What’s that destination, you ask? … The destination is YOU!

The path to yourself

And to help you navigate this journey, we would like to tell you a story that speaks of that path and can help you better understand the territory you’ll be exploring. This is the story of the hero’s journey, which is actually the journey to yourself.

Ordinary World Ordinary World: Imagine that you are living a day like any other, with your usual tasks and concerns… your phone in one hand… doing more or less the same things you always do… with that discomfort or uneasiness that sometimes becomes very intense… almost like a pebble in your shoe but at the same time you can’t define or pinpoint it precisely… it disorients you and at times becomes almost unbearable… mmm, blessed be the distraction that appears and entertains you with something else…

Call to Adventure Call to Adventure: But of course, that incessant discomfort is screaming for a change.
And maybe within you, that creative idea arises, running through your skin like electricity and giving you chills… Someone or something suggests a creative maladjustment, an adventure waiting to begin…

Refusal of the Call Refusal of the Call: - But no! Change now? It’s madness! I can’t do it right now! Can’t you see everything I have to do?…
The fear grabs you, doesn’t let go, and makes you say NO!
The force of automatic doing that controls you, dominates you…
The opportunity seems to vanish…

Encounter with the Mentor Encounter with the Mentor: But someone comes to your rescue! (maybe this website?) And encourages you. Awakens you. Gives you courage and helps you embark on the adventure…
Yes! Today I’m going to explore myself! I’m going to dare!

Crossing of the Threshold Crossing of the Threshold: And cautiously, you step in… and cross that threshold that scared you so much, and you start exploring…
A whole new world opens up just for you! What an adventure!

Tests, Obstacles, Challenges Tests, Obstacles, Challenges: The attempts you make with some clumsiness, the frustration when faced with what interrupts you… You hold onto what supports you… Take a deep breath, bet on the journey, and keep going…

Approximation Approximation: Something different seems to be born within you. You don’t quite know what it is or how you’re changing, but you can already feel it… It has no shape, but it’s there… It’s being born… Are you changing?

Trial by Fire, Death and Resurrection Trial by Fire, Death and Resurrection: And of course, the challenge arises to see if the change is real… It scares you at first… then you remember that you have a map, and allies who accompany you, and resources that help you…

Conquer the World Conquer the World: And as you have explored yourself over and over again, you can return to your center, to yourself… The challenges shake the ground beneath you, but they don’t knock you down… You feel, you listen to yourself, you center yourself, and you stand tall (it seems like a magical moment, doesn’t it?)… You did it! You conquered what seemed impossible! What a beauty to celebrate!

Reward Reward: Mmm, the sweet taste of victory… A possibility that becomes a reality… You know you achieved it… Yes, it was just a step… but you took it! You did it! That’s a treasure that remains with you.

Return Journey Return: And your everyday world changes… you see it with different eyes… with a different light. And you can’t help but smile and feel a wave of enthusiasm running through your skin.

Resurrection Resurrection: And your life continues as before, but not the same… now there is more meaning, more space to be freely… you no longer need to give so many explanations or justify yourself… now you can increasingly be more of who you are…

Return with the Elixir Return with the Elixir: And everything you learned on your journey stays with you, and you can share it with others. Now it’s you who can give them courage… now it’s you who knows the words of encouragement… you have traveled part of the path, and that knowledge becomes a balm and encouragement for those still feeling confusion…

Ordinary World Ordinary World: And once again, you dive in! Now with more confidence… another adventure awaits you! What a pleasure to explore… What is the ultimate destination, you ask… the ultimate destination is wonderful: it’s you!

What does this path ask of you?

You already know that this journey we invite you to embark is unique and that no one can tell you what yours will be like. However, to prepare for this adventure, we want to share with you what this path asks of you: aka, your superpowers!

These superpowers are internal attitudes that make your journey one to enjoy.

These superpowers already exist within you. And the more you use them, the more powerful and effective they become. And the more they can make your journey a unique and marvelous adventure.

Superpower 1: Curiosity Superpower 1 - Opening to ADVENTURE and CURIOSITY: As you begin to delve into exploring yourself (with each exploration or resource), do it with a sense of adventure, with curiosity as your ally, eager to discover what moves within you, what is new that you hadn’t noticed before… without criticism… with a light heart and an open mind.

Superpower 2: Step out of the known Superpower 2 - Allowing yourself to STEP OUT OF THE KNOWN and sincerely asking WHAT DO I NEED?: Give yourself permission to slow down, to see what you truly need, what questions are stirring within you, listen to that which calls and needs you even if it scares you! Choose a resource, meditation, or practice based on what wants to emerge within you, what needs resolution, integration, or attention even if you’re not quite sure what it is yet…

Superpower 3: Surrender Superpower 3 - SURRENDER and TRUST - giving yourself PERMISSION TO DIVE DEEP: accepting the invitation to a new exploration, shedding light on a new aspect of your life. The courage to ask yourself new questions, to see yourself from different perspectives, to reconnect with almost forgotten parts… Allowing yourself to let go, to play, and to rediscover yourself…

Superpower 4: Fulfillment Superpower 4 - Connecting with SATISFACTION/ FULFILLMENT/ the PLEASURE OF ACHIEVEMENT: It’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… the joy of gifting yourself the time to explore.
Celebrating that you are one step closer to your truth, your essence, your own center… to your fulfillment.
Allowing yourself to savor the steps taken, the path you’ve traveled. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the end of the road, the beginning, or at turn that you don’t know where it leads… it’s your path and you’re exploring it… go ahead, allow yourself to celebrate!

With each resource we offer, we help you develop your curiosity more and more, discover your real needs, delve deeper, trust yourself, and celebrate every attempt to discover your truth.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab those superpowers and rediscover your own path.

Ensuring the Appropriate Support

To make this journey safe and enjoyable, we encourage you to seek additional support if you feel it could be helpful. Having the right support - your trusted therapist, a friend, or someone who practices alongside you and with whom you can share your experiences - is important for everyone and essential if you are going through challenging circumstances or experiencing a traumatic situation. Make sure you have someone you can rely on.

If you are a therapist…

If your profession involves helping others - regarding their physical, mental, emotional well-being, or any other aspect of the human experience - the tools and meditations we offer can help you develop a deep internal state of presence and resonance that conveys a true sense of compassion, empathy, understanding, and safety to your patients or clients. Furthermore, you can use them as additional resources to share and use together, as they can significantly aid in the therapeutic process.

About Us

Our Background and Training

Celeste's Photo Hello! My name is Celeste, and I’m responsible for creating the content that we share with you every week at Desajuste Creativo. I wanted to tell you a bit more about my journey and training so that you can see that all these resources we invite you to explore have solid foundations. Not only have I studied them theoretically, but they are also part of my life and have helped me discover and navigate my own path.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been searching for something that inspired me and helped me live a better life. A person, a book, an idea, a practice - something that could guide me or show me the way. And it has been a fantastic journey, full of adventures, obstacles, and discoveries. Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to meet wonderful and highly creative individuals - therapists with such revolutionary perspectives that instead of asking me to follow them, encouraged and helped me become more myself every day. And that’s why today I dare to share with you what has helped me, hoping that it can inspire and assist you.

If we start from the beginning, I was born in 1978 in Mendoza, Argentina, and I pursued a degree in Systems Analysis. It took a lot for me to realize that computer science wasn’t my thing… Fortunately, I kept searching, exploring, studying, and discovering. I moved to Buenos Aires and in 2011 I received my Master’s in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. I then delved into ancient medicine, earning a certification in Ayurveda and Health. And when I encountered the somatic-spiritual-energetic approach, I fell in love. I explored everything that seemed to help me reconnect with myself and my body. I studied and practiced Yoga and received two certifications as a teacher. Later, I studied in Germany for a couple of years, completing my training at the European Rolfing Association. During my time in Australia, I explored various approaches to somatic psychology, which ultimately led to a Master’s and a Ph.D. in Somatic and Spiritual Psychology from the International University of Professional Studies (you can find more about my training here).

Lately, my academic work has focused on Polyvagal Theory and its applications in therapy, as well as NeuroAffective Touch, Jungian psychology and art therapy. In my personal explorations, I’ve been dancing with energy and the subtle aspects of spiritual development under the guidance of wonderful teachers.

Throughout my years of practice, I’ve had the opportunity to combine a wide range of modalities, working with groups and individuals finding new and creative ways to help them cultivate more presence and safety in their lives. I have also designed and facilitated numerous courses and workshops with the intention of helping people increase their well-being, vitality, and creativity.

This website and all the resources I share are part of my sincere intention to raise awareness about somatic and spiritual therapeutic approaches, making these practices more accessible to the general public and supporting those working in similar fields.