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I playfully challenge you to change

This time, instead of bringing you a new exploration or tool, I want to challenge you. This challenge consists of intending to change the way you express yourself and then observe what changes in your inner reality, and in your relationship with others... Are you up for it?

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You can also learn how to breath

We invite you to explore how to use your breath to speak the language of your body, to bring more well-being to your life and overcome states of anxiety, anger, distress, confusion, and agitation.

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What Connects You to the Joy of Living?

Cultivating your connection to the joy of living, to pleasure, and well-being is a choice that you are free to make or ignore... Have you ever thought about how this energy of well-being, joy, and connection moves in your life? What are you cultivating within yourself and bringing into the world?

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Name it to tame it

We hope you can bring this practice into everyday moments. Whenever you find yourself feeling too overwhelmed and when it's difficult to process your inner world. All you need to do is bring your attention to what you're noticing in your body and allow yourself to describe it.

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Your Breath... Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The multiple benefits of conscious and intentional breathing are well-known. Ancient practices like yoga and modern neuroscience highlight its importance at a physical, emotional, and mental levels. Today, I invite you to explore your breath to center your mind, quiet the senses, slow down the internal pace, and ground yourself in the present-present.

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