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A journey towards true inner well-being

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Our Somatic Explorations sessions are a practical implementation of the self-discovery path we propose at Desajuste Creativo. In these sessions, we delve into a process that allows you to rediscover yourself and return to a state of organicity, well-being, and vitality.

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  • private online sessions
  • for individuals or groups up to 4 people
  • complimentary access to online programs and resources
  • sessions tailored to your specific needs
  • ideal for practitioners looking for somatic mentorship
  • perfect for individuals who are truly committed to fostering their well-being

Celeste Carrillo

Lead by Celeste Carrillo,
Ph.D. Somatic and Spiritual Psychology

In this process, we use an approach that considers both the cognitive/mental aspect, as well as the emotional, energetic, instinctual, intuitive, and physical aspects of your being, along with the interrelation between them and the inner reality they co-create.

This path towards your true well-being enables you to incorporate new skills, competencies, and ways of being that are authentic and align with who you are in this moment of your life, what truly matters to you, the particular circumstances of your current commitments, and how you want to live your life and what you want to cultivate in it. These skills, resources, and learnings help you develop a “new form” or new ways of seeing, understanding, and responding to what happens to you, allowing you to live life with greater presence, connection, enthusiasm, enjoyment, and inner well-being.

This journey brings you closer to a new inner reality of increased self-esteem, greater emotional regulation and empathy, allows you to return to your own center to make decisions that are coherent with who you are, considering your needs and values. It also provides you with a new perspective on your life and the different situations you experience, renews confidence in yourself, and brings you closer to a greater sense of self-control, enhances your intuition, and helps improve your relationship with those around you and your environment.

At Desajuste Creativo, we believe that the practical aspect of these sessions is fundamental because without practical tools and resources that are accessible and applicable to daily life, our intentions for change will remain just that: intentions and good ideas that fall short. The practices, resources, and tools we explore together in this process are inspired by various traditions, somatic movement and bodywork approaches, as well as the principles of somatic and spiritual psychology. Each resource is intentional and seeks to help you enhance your resilience, develop more choices, move away from internal states of agitation, distress, anxiety, anger, and frustration, foster your presence and capacity to respond instead of reacting, cultivate the ability to be present and trust yourself and your resources even in highly intense situations or very stressful moments, and rediscover who you are and how you wish to live your life for greater meaning and fulfillment.

These sessions are designed for both individuals who want to deepen their self-knowledge and professionals who want to learn how to use these resources in their field.

All sessions are 75 minutes long and can be conducted individually or in small groups of up to four people.
€130 per session for 1 person.
€60 per additional person, up to 4 people.

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About Celeste

Celeste is a passionate somatic therapist specializing in body-centered healing. With her expertise, she mentors and coaches psychologists, body workers, counselors, and other professionals, empowering them to integrate somatic approaches into their practice. She has a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and focuses on exploring transformative somatic awareness, embodiment, and trauma-informed techniques. Together, she and her clients facilitate profound healing, personal growth, and holistic well-being.