Connecting with your heart intelligence

What’s been on your mind lately, and more importantly, what’s been in your heart? For me, tuning into my heart intelligence right now has been of the utmost importance.

We are being challenged in many ways and it can be hard to know what advice to follow, what’s the best course of action, and what’s the appropriate next step for us in the middle of all the uncertainty that’s present.

And the thing is: there’s NO one right thing to do.

We cannot keep looking for a “one size fits all” solution and hope that it will make us happy or give us direction. What we can do is, start coming back to ourselves. To find a place of truth and coherence from which to orient, where we draw what’s true for us and learn how to be congruent with that. That’s exactly what tuning into our heart intelligence does for us. It reduces the noise, takes away the focus from the outside, and brings us into self-coherence.

Heart intelligence is the flow of awareness, understanding and intuition we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart. It can be activated through self-initiated practice, and the more we pay attention when we sense the heart is speaking to us or guiding us, the greater our ability to access this intelligence and guidance more frequently. HeartMath Institute

I learned a simple yet beautiful and powerful practice from my teacher and mentor, Joan Heartfield, and I’d like to share it with you here:

  1. Start by taking a few deep breaths and bringing your attention to your body. What sensations are you noticing now?
  2. Aim your awareness towards your emotions. What emotions are moving through you at this moment?
  3. Notice your thoughts and beliefs. What thoughts are living in you now?
  4. Deep breath once more, and now bring your awareness towards your energy levels. How does that feel now? How much energy is moving through you?
  5. When you are ready, consider the following question: How would you actually like to feel? What do you want more of in your life?
  6. As you contemplate those questions, bring your attention towards your heart, as if you could enter your heart and simply rest there. Finally, ask your heart: What’s one step I could take towards feeling that way? And then listen to what your heart has to say. You might just be surprised :)

We’d love to hear how you went with this practice and what came up for you. Feel free to reply to this email with feedback, comments or any questions you may have.

If you’re feeling like you need a bit of help to go through this practice, we’ve put together a meditation that can help.

As always, if you require additional support or want to deepen the practice of listening to your heart, we are here for you. Drop us a message at

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