I playfully challenge you to change

Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev

This time, instead of bringing you a new exploration or tool, I want to challenge you. This challenge consists of intending to change the way you express yourself and then observe what changes in your inner reality, and in your relationship with others… Are you up for it?

This change I suggest is based on 3 premises or principles that will serve as your guide. Some principles may seem easy for you to follow, while others may seem difficult, you may not even know where to start, or they may seem a bit crazy… And of course! That’s why it’s a challenge… What would happen if you follow these principles for 7 days? How do you imagine people around you would respond? And what would change in you?

The principles are as simple as challenging:

1. Speak in the first person (I / me)

Reclaim the value and importance of your own experience, which may be quite different from others’, but very valid, rich, and a fundamental part of who you are and your own sense of Self. This principle challenges you and invites you to:

Avoid generalizing! Instead, speak for yourself, from your own truth and experience.

For example, instead of saying: …when one feels sad, it helps…

You can say something like: …when I feel sad, it helps me to…

Do NOT make assumptions about other people’s experiences.

For example, instead of saying: …you know when you think that…?

You can say something like: …I realize that when I think that…

2. Connect with your curiosity and DO NOT tell other people what to do

Resist the impulse to offer interpretations or advice in response to what other people share with you. Instead, connect with your curiosity and, through sincere questions, help others explore what they are experiencing. Let go of the need to solve other people’s problems or achieve some kind of outcome.

For example, instead of saying: …do this, it helped me a lot when I experienced something similar…

You can ask something like: What do you need in this moment? or What makes you feel this way?

3. Look for the best in others and in yourself

In every interaction, or situation, make an effort to see the best in others and in yourself: those aspects from which you can learn, those ideas that can expand your own, those perspectives that bring novelty to your life… Instead of focusing on what you don’t like or agree with or on what is different, pay attention to what happens within yourself when you try to find points of connection instead of points of conflict.

Simple, isn’t it? 7 days in which I challenge you to apply these three principles and see what happens within you… As one of the participants in Reset Yourself! told me after following these principles for 10 weeks:

How beautiful were the principles we agreed on at the beginning of each class. I wish all people around the world would try to communicate with each other based on them. This idea of looking at myself with compassion, listening to others without judging, seeing the best with an open mind and heart. Thank you!

7 days. 3 principles. And you.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes: hello@desajustecreativo.com.

Please remember that as this is unsupervised work, it is essential to respect your own limits, time, and natural rhythms.

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