What's on your plate?

Photo by Glen Carrie

If your emotions and self-talk from today were turned into a meal, what would it look or taste like? Would it be a thick stew of anger and self-doubt? A light and nourishing soup of trust and self-kindness? A variety platter filled with surprise, joy, fear and confusion?

We go about our days with an endless train of thoughts and emotions. Sometimes, without realising, we may be indulging in some thoughts more than others. For example, someone may have said something hurtful a year ago and we are still choosing to indulge in the anger, thinking of all the comebacks we could have said. We all do it at times but it really does not serve us.

Yours to explore

For today or the rest of this week, try your best to be aware of your emotions and self-talk. Download the printable and carry it with you or write it down on your phone - listing emotions and self-talk that come up under ‘nourishing’ or ‘draining’.

At the end of the day, take a moment to reflect on what ‘meal’ you are creating and/or want to create. There is no right or wrong, only what is good for you. For example, anger can be nourishing when it empowers us to take action and make a difference, or it can be draining if we are continuously replaying the scene of being hurt.

It is important to acknowledge that all emotional responses are natural and they do not need to be labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’. All emotions are appropriate when they are coming up organically, and we are free in our minds to entertain any kinds of thoughts. The point is that some of them might be energy draining, or make us feel terrible and hurt us, so it’s useful to identify them and regulate how much of them we ‘allow’.

Remember, we have the power to grant ourselves the freedom to move through feelings. We don’t have to identify ourselves with an emotion, way of thinking or state of being forever, especially if it makes us a prisoner. We have the agency to change.

All of this is practice and we ask that you be kind to yourself. If you do need additional support of guidance, please write to us with your feedback and questions at hello@desajustecreativo.com.

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