Breathe, Pause, Breathe, Pause and Let Go!

Photo by Pixabay

In today’s somatic exploration, we bring our attention to the pauses that naturally occur while breathing. By connecting with the simple intention of allowing these pauses to occur, we can find a more organic inner rhythm and begin to rediscover the power of ‘not-doing’.

What sensations, emotions, and thoughts arise within you when you play with the idea of pausing? Some people experience fear, discomfort, and restlessness when pausing, while others can let go and enjoy that ‘not-doing’. What happens for you?

It is so common to find ourselves in an endless cycle of doing, doing, doing, that we forget that by pausing, we not only give ourselves the opportunity to enjoy what has been done but also to reconnect with our needs and desires so that our doing becomes more organic and coherent.

As a participant in our Reset Yourself! program shared:

I allow myself to pause and enjoy a moment of silence when I am overwhelmed, just to be able to perceive how I am, how I feel, what I want, what I need, and that allows me to observe the situations without getting caught up in my own narratives.

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Yet, often it becomes almost impossible to pause, to step out of automatic doing, and become aware of what we need. In this exploration, I invite you to connect with pausing, to savor the pauses, to feel them and experience them so that they become more natural and easy to enjoy.

Remember that since this is unsupervised work, it is essential to respect your own limits, times, and natural rhythms. Do not push yourself or go beyond what feels comfortable. If you realize that you need additional support while exploring or if you want to delve deeper into these practices or join one of our exploration groups, subscribe to our newsletter to receive more information.

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