Let's Go Back to Basics

Photo by Tra Nguyen

Today, I invite you to go back to basics and explore your breath - actually, I invite you to explore yourself through your breath. How does that sound? Your breath is always present, like a gentle wave of movement that travels and caresses your entire body, over and over again.

If you allow yourself to pay attention, your breath can become a bridge of connection between what you feel, what you think, and what you need. By connecting with your breath, you deepen your connection with yourself, your truth, and the emotions that flow through you, and it can help you find an organic internal rhythm and regulate overwhelming emotional states.

How aware are you of your breath throughout the day? Have you ever taken a moment to observe it? … And if you turn your attention to it now, what do you discover?

The idea of observing our breath is not new, and there are many traditions that offer us wonderful practices to increase our awareness of the breath and come closer to our own truth.

To help you visualize the significant impact that these practices can have on your life, let me share Maki’s experience when we worked together:

… the breathing exercises helped me a lot! I have learned to be calmer, and I have found many tools that I use almost every day, at some point. Sometimes, I catch myself consciously breathing while driving, while having a tea in the afternoon sun, allowing my body to move gently, or taking longer inhalations as soon as I wake up, or focusing on exhalations before falling asleep, when I’m tired but need to keep going with energy throughout the day… It’s wonderful to be able to identify what I need in each moment to feel better! Maki

If you’re interested in discovering and learning new practices that can help you return to your center, I invite you to explore Reset Yourself!, a program designed to increase your body awareness, well-being, and vitality.

And if you’re ready to start right now, without wasting a minute, I invite you to a guided exploration to connect with your breath from a place of compassion and curiosity.

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